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Inspirational: Tibetans In Exile

Ven Bagdro - Social Justice Survival

Author of 'Hell on Earth' Autobiography, genocide survivor Bagdro speaks for postive change and advocacy

01/07/2011 19:40
On April 18th 1998 Ven Bagdro, a former monk of Ganden monastery in Tibet was arrested by Chinese police.  He was sentenced to a three year sentence in prison for allegedly leading a demonstration on March 5th, where one policeman was killed.  Bagdro had encountered the dead soldier lying...

Inspirational Chief Arvol Looking Horse Messages of Peace

Our People

Perspectives of Conscious Awareness from Blue Print Cultures

19/03/2011 17:40
In 1997 Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Spritual Leader of the Native American Sioux Nations founded 'World Peace and Prayer Day' after receiving signs passed down through generations that humans were about to enter a period of great disharmony and increasing natural disasters affecting Earth, humans...