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PEACE Centre Network
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Bali PEACE Centre - Established under the Sacred Caste of Pande

The PEACE  Centre Network of Bali is  established within a special clan

This  is  the  kinship of  KRIS  PANDI  - an ancient caste that pre-dates  Hinduism.  Also known as  Keris , Pande are the metal craft clan who hold custodianship of the sacred sword of life.

The Pande  caste origins are deep seated in the  Dreaming of Mai mai, Mu or ‘Mother’ – the time of  Earth Mother Goddess,  now referred to in Balinese culture as Dewi Danu or ‘The Waters  of  Life’, where many still relish the hybrid Hindu belief that Mankind is made of  water, and like dew drops will one day return to the mountain of the ancestors and await rebirth into the seven heavens or another life.

These are direct Matriarchal references to the cycles of life of which Mankind is one part, and we now know scientifically that the constituents of Man  indeed primarily comprises  water.  So do we now know that most of life is made of water -  more water lies beneath the Earth crust than above the surface and all plays a unique role in cyclic feeding and renewal – the reason our survival is  so intrinsic to our care of our Earth environment.

Pandi as a sacred mystic shamanic clan are known throughout world culture., including Nepal.  Their major symbols are the Kundalini snake, crescent moon,  sun, fire and water.

Many know the ancient Celtic legend of the Kris  - the sacred sword held by Goddess Vivienne (meaning  life of the waters)  in the  lake.  She used this kundalini symbolic  wand to draw down the ethers for manifestation and gave tantric enlightenment to Merlin.  This legend derived from the same Mother origins .  The Knights Templar were an order of the Kris assigned to protect her legacy for returning one day.  Pande carry a decree that places them in special system outside traditional Brahmana and spiritual power not subservient to anyone.


In Balinese lore, Keris  is the most sacred sword.  The head of Man forms the handle and his shoulder blades form the cross of the hilt.  The snake shape of the short dagger blade hold numerous curves, often crafted with sacred inscriptions to ward protection for the adept who knows  its mystic use, beyond the more contemporary adaptation as a weapon of war.

Balinese Keris Pandi are reported by ancient Brahmans who stated the protective unit of sacred magical shamans were sent to Earth to teach humans how to behave properly in right living.  Krishna was also reputed to be of sacred Kris  - reborn of Shiva-Sati as the blue lotus consort into the garden of Gaia. 

Our article on Darta Pande. PEACE Centre Patron will reveal more about the specific cultural beliefs of this clan.

PEACE Centre Network

Bali PEACE Centre 2011 becomes a reality

29/03/2011 02:43
We are pleased to have the patronage of Darta Pandy, citizen of Bali, Philanthropist, Venture Capitalist and Business Start Up Mentor working with us now to implement the first international PEACE Centre in Bali.  We have located a few respective sites and are currently devising strategy and...

What was the PEACE Centre Research & Solution Modelling Process?

28/03/2011 13:37
In another article I wrote of the personal epic in growing into discovery and building of this network infrastructure.  Throughout the fifteen years - from the time I first took a 'new age' idealist transpersonal and spiritual conscious, wellbeing model out into the world - I devoted much time...

Centre Administration and Patrons

28/03/2011 03:10

Objects of the PEACE Centre Foundation

28/03/2011 02:41
The PEACE Centre Network is supported through Charitable Foundation - The Buffalo Song Foundation (Conscious Flow Life) and other philanthropy interests.   Aim: To empower communities to re-build self-esteem and self reliance, preserve existing culture, educate and integrate technology in...

What is the PEACE Centre Network?

20/03/2011 02:46
PEACE is an anagram that represents:   Preservation Education of Arts Culture Environment   In summary, the PEACE model is a community centred framework that provides a hub in infrastructure, learning and technology support into community.  The emphasis is to serve disadvantaged...

Why a Peace Centre Model?

20/03/2011 02:10
This model and network does not replace existing networks that align with similar goals and objectives.  Instead it integrates where there is advantage to community. The major feature of this life mission is that it works with individual choice in establishing the learning exchange and...

How Did the Peace Institute Network Model Form?

19/03/2011 20:41
In 1992 Vivienne Eggers founded a community healing centre that combined arts, cultural activities and what was reputed to be the first Australian natural day spa outside a hotel environment.   The Empower centre was founded on the principles of Sacred Feminine.  It included gallery and...

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