Website Design and Hosting

We design and host websites anywhere in the world.  Hosting includes '' unique URL.  Yet we are capable of giving you much more...

Our Conscious Flow Portal will soon be able to elevate your marketing and advertising services - at local and international level. 

We have high tech, shockwave and a whole range of leading edge design talent.


For now our client focus is on... Bali and Indonesia.  We're creating a consciousflowbali hub with hosted site design and budget solutions.

Affordable, Quality, Professional and Beautiful


Individual, small and medium business can afford to join us.  If you have a site already, we can still offer you marketing services - so please feel free to contact us with your inquiry.


Our official launch is not until later this year - but our customers started without us, so we will do our best to keep them happy with quality cost effective service while we set up and roll out.


For a sample of a 'local' small business site at budget level - view our production site here