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Photo Gallery: Our Planet

Our Planet

The Perigee Moon - Vivienne Tobassa Eggers

19/03/2011 15:28
Today's full moon of 19th March 2011 is the largest super moon in 18 years.  The moon affects the gravitational pull of the oceans and all waters of life.  Beneath Earth's crust is more water than all oceans, streams, lakes and rivers on her surface.    Humans, in fact all life...

BLUE LOTUS GODDESS - Vivienne Tobassa Eggers, Sumer Tara Blue Lotus of the Lake - From the Sacred Songs From Silence 1st ED (c) 2011

14/06/2011 01:38
I desire to wish you a happy resurrection - ascension celebration - that this eclipse marks my full transition 2011 16th June.   This revolution I walked the valley of the shadows - after descending the gates of the hells and being confronted by the 666 demons.  I walked with the magic...