Bio Montse Rius Esteve

Montse is a senior translations consultant and writer whose expertise and interests include environment, sustainability and eco touristic cultural pursuits.  Her Spanish and European roles include translating for congress, television and seminars.  Her foundation competency of ten languages contributes to  International Relations experience.  Whether for remote literary or online translation or on location seminars and engagements, please contact regarding availability.


Montse narrates her personal biographical philosophy of life below:



Out of the three original main passions in my life, i.e. foreign languages, piano and tennis, I selected the first one as a profession. So, I have been a consecutive/liaison interpreter since I finished University and, 14 years ago, I decided to specialize in simultaneous interpreting, which had actually always been my target in this field of activity. Now, I spend a large part of my life in congresses, forums, meetings, presentations, etc. Active work languages: Spanish, Catalan, French and English.


Apart from the professional side, I have different interests as well – No. 1 being wildlife and nature preservation. I love animals – all kinds of them. It has always been like this. I have a slight preference for felines and bears, though – I must admit. I think that humans still have a huge amount of work to do to develop our consciousness and finally come to realize that all creatures on Earth are here to be loved, respected and cared for. And developing our consciousness could also mean respecting everything else, starting out by each other and, what’s more, by ourselves first – something that we often tend to forget, by the way. This might be the first step to be taken towards global Peace then.


Besides the aforesaid, there are other issues I’m concerned about: Reforestation is one of them. (In Spain alone - the country I’m living in right now - many studies have been carried out aiming at stopping desertization from further moving northwards, for example. Al Gore’s Report on Reforestation in Spain stands for a good one. What has been done about it so far though?). Use and Distribution of Energy Sources is another one. (Believing that a healthy and a well-balanced present and future will become a reality as soon as we start making an appropriate use of natural sources – the still so-called “alternative” energy sources at the moment). Geostrategy and Global Diplomacy is a third one. (How humanity is being “handled” by...).


Because I think that health comes as a result of developing the different aspects of us, sports are also important to keep a well-balanced body and mind. I love swimming, jogging, beach tennis and… a jungle trek every once in a while!


A lot of people are living a privileged life. We should not only realize, appreciate and be thankful for it, but also do something for mankind. Each one of us is here to make contributions to existence!