Bio Vivienne Tobassa Eggers



Creative Muse and Change Strategist

Vivienne combines a business management and strategy change culture consulting career with creative pursuits, spiritual healing and practice, human rights and environmental advocacy. She is a public speaker and workshop facilitator; retreats and coaching in leadership and personal transformation.


Recent author of 'Sacred Songs from Silence - The Lemurian Dream Returning' book one of a trilogy that progresses Sacred Feminine in context of Mother Earth Cultures or Water of Life. 


Vivienne has post graduate studies in Law, Commerce and Arts: Masters Commercial Law and International Human Rights; Post Grad Diploma Commerce,  Sustainability, Management and Arts Literary.  Her current PHD Pathway dissertation of Masters International Relations due in February 2012 is in Peace Studies. 


Founder of Conscious Flow Club and charitable Gaia Way of PEACE, Vivienne has delved into the world of creativity through design (including clothing and homewares) art, music (singing and instruments) film, and freeform dance.


Business Management, Leadership, Strategy Change Consulting and Coaching


About Vivienne Eggers – Business Career Overview

A world class provider of consulting professional services, Vivienne Eggers is a Sustainable Change Leader who has successfully integrated Business, Government, Organization and Community culture.  For 19 years she has served alongside clients to review, re-structure, innovate and lead adaptive, resilient and sustainable organizations.  She provides leadership management, mentor coaching and business specialist services including areas of strategy, governance, marketing, human resource, ICT and process engineering.  Transpersonal, behavioural and culture expertise has facilitated customer knowledge, organization transformation and personal empowerment – used in the business context for talent management incentives and work-life balance. 

Vivienne’s background encompasses generalist and project management in diverse industries.  She has achieved multi-discipline education excellence with ongoing academic research throughout her career.  She utilises advanced relationship skills, provides quality education, training, knowledge and marketing services in communications and public relations.  Vivienne compliments her career with an extensive portfolio of philanthropic, humanitarian, environmental advocacy and altruistic contribution to society.


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Personal and Spiritual Philosophy - Vivienne Tobassa Eggers

'Genius of Goddess as Sacred Feminine in Modern Society'

Vivienne carries the spiritual name of Tara Sumer Blue Lotus Sati. Each of these names were appointed to her by Spiritual Holy or Medicine keepers.  Vivienne was born into and continues to honour Christian faith.  She interacts with and respects the core teachings of all faiths without judgement. Her heart is centred in Sacred Feminine and her spiritual philosophy derived from birth; super natural abilities (clairvoyance, audience, sentience etc) and exposure to traditional lineage of Goddess or Matriarchal 'knowing'. 

Vivienne has completed in this life sacred lineage of 'coming to self' of ancient culture, well known from popularized teachings of Huna in Hawaii.  In three selves initiation a Kahuna or one born with traditional mystic keys comes to enlightened mastery while in one life form - undertaking sacred initiation at three 'master' milestones in one's life.  Vivienne knows this tradition as Triple Goddess - Maiden, Mother and Wisdom Keeper.  In authentic traditions, initiations are not planned by other humans - rather come through Spirit and Nature - i.e. align with sacred events of cosmos.  This is the ancient way before humans created a marketable version of this lineage practice and how many cultures came to observe master and apprentice learning.

Vivienne legitimizes spiritual healing gifts with studies and credentials in transpersonal therapies, counselling, bodywork, natural health science, nutrition, bio-chemistry, aromatherapy, plants and natural medicines; vibration medicines, rebirthing, yoga, Chi Qong, Shamanic quest, Reiki and other modalities.  Vivienne is also motivational speaker and public facilitator of workshops, conference address and public forums.

Vivienne enjoys designing, natural therapies; making aromatherapy, botanical health, nutrition and beauty or well being regimes from natural and organic traditions.  Vibrational essences and elixirs.


Business Activities - Overview

Vivienne's business focus is consulting and project management.  She has some functional management in HR, IT and Training as well as director and advisory in eCommerce.  A successful international track record includes clients of corporations, NGO, and all size companies (SME). Expertise is in change management, corporate governance strategy, web and communications. Vivienne has reviewed governments, multi agencies, and business corporations for the purpose of strategy, restructure and transformation. Cultural knowledge has expanded through work in many different countries and with multi-cultural communities. 


Consultancy and Freelance

Vivienne's consulting skills include corporate governance, sustainable organization design, programme management and delivery; specialist review and solutions consulting.  Industry sectors include public relations, events and marketing, finance, engineering, aircraft, utilities, transport, media, education, retail and tourism.  Roles include risk assessment and management of mission or safety critical projects; disaster recovery - and she has managed state or geographically wide operations.  She engineers organizational and client requirements horizontally and vertically for solutions innovation and roll out.  She has managed, developed customer experience and human interaction design.  ICT skills include information and business architecture, business systems analysis and process engineering. While designing and managing eCommerce and web, Vivienne has worked with industry experts on world leading projects.


Communications, Writing and Publication

Vivienne's public relations, communications and writing skills extend from Ministerial and Corporate Press releases, speeches and PR management of CEOs and Executives - to journalism, copy and editorial.  Vivienne has been editor of several in-house magazines and specialist engineering and technical journals.  She has extensive writing skills in business communications, marketing and advertising - high exposure to web delivery, including design and development of corporate intranet, extranet, knowledge management, eCRM, internet and content management systems.  Vivienne has also managed and delivered documentation, quality control and project management reporting methodologies and systems.  Includes schematic for organization reporting and MIS across multi-functions. Vivienne has extensively written technical and instructional manuals for organizations.  This activity has coincided with training to many thousand people, train the trainer and learning programmes. Vivienne reviews, researches and undertakes report writing for problems and 'needs' or strategy. Vivienne enjoys writing the music and lyrics to songs, poetry, photo journalism, film treatment and documentary proposal and other creative writing, such as her recent first book.


Philanthropy and Altruism

Vivienne's philanthropy and altruism has extended to poverty alleviation, fair trade and healing services in disadvantaged communities.  Vivienne has spent 15 years working with people in third world towards better living.  She also provides advocacy in first and third world communities - particularly for human and environmental issues and those affecting Indigenous communities, disadvantaged and children.


Professional Business Consulting



19 years experience and post graduate degree qualifications in Business Management & Sustainability, Change, Management & Commerce; Masters Commercial & International Law, Master International Relations & Human Rights; Master Arts Literary



Managing Director, Principal Consultant Tobaworld Consulting, UK, Australia, Asia - Clients included RailCorp (Senior Review - Railcorp executive strategy, enterprise restructure and project management, Change Management Country Link; Programme Management Review of Management Methodologies), Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Insurance and Wealth Management Web Solutions), NSW Government - Department of Planning Restructure with Department of Minerals & Conservation - Reviewed multi-government agency and department of planning Ministerial legislative changes for local environmental planning - impact and business function start-up, business integration and management capacity.  Also Consultant Sustainability Solutions - Business Requirements Management for Sustainability Metrix Indicators - BASIX 2 and whole of government planning data modelling. Roads and Traffic Authority - Real Time Traffic Management - Project Management and Helpsystem and Training Design; Westpac Bank - Change Management HR Programme Training of Branch Bank Managers. 


Consulting Director, eCommerce and Management Consulting- United Kingdom various clients and projects - including Royal Mail, Barclays Bank, British Tourism, Granada Television, Romsey Publishing, Centrica.


Managing Expert Consultant, with Company Director - Usability by Design UK, Asia, Australia - strategy, marketing and customer experience and web based solution design and validation - various clients including - Qantas, Amadeus, eBay, Hotel Club, LJ Hooker Australia

Senior Project Management - Large Programmes of Work - up to 250 line reports - geographic roll outs and specialist implementation projects.  Clients included RailCorp (whole of organization) Reuters - Project Management of international  eCommerce Platform - 445, 000 clients, Senior Education- Managed State wide Roll out and operations of world leading networked project, infrastructure, college and business networks resulting from major restructure.  

Project Management - Small and large projects - ICT, Business, Creative Design, Business Review, Commercial Proposition, Marketing Strategy and Review, Accounting Systems, CRM, eCRM, Communications, Training, Billing, eCommerce, Web, Documentation, Change Management Teams, Sustainability Resource teams, Creative agency, Sales and Marketing, Franchise and Brand, Event Management, International Seminar Management, International Coordination and publicity management, Retail and Centre Management, Spa Management, Small Business Management.

Corporate Function Management - Executive Administration Management to CEO-Director, Premier and Minister of Portfolio - including public relations and programmes; Manager of Human Resources and Personnel, various companies; Administration Manager, various companies, Marketing, Merchandising and Events PR, International Marketing Division; Finance and Administration Management - very large budgets - Information Systems Division - multi-million TAFE; 


Change & Communications Management 


Corporate Governance and CSR (social responsibility) – Accountability and Governance frameworks.

  • Enterprise and Leadership Strategies for restructure and business innovation.
  • Coaching and Team delivery, Culture – motivation and senior executive change support.
  • Enterprise Review, Impact and Risk Management, Corporate Sustainability, Contextual Analysis – multi-national and multi-enterprise relationship strategy modelling.
  • Corporate Charter and Executive Change Leadership Sustainability Governance and Triple Bottom Line in accordance with values and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).  Contextual Critical Inquiry Review.
  • Organization Design and integration frameworks.  Human Resource and Talent Management.
  • Organization values culture and Triple Bottom Line Sustainable Organization Change Management – Economic, Environmental and Social Impact change strategies, stakeholder engagement and relationship management including advocacy, governance, performance, ethics and conduct statements, management strategy validation.
  • Enterprise integration strategy – consolidation and coordination of restructure and major change initiatives that impact governance, function, people, process and technology and tools – into society and internal organization parameters such as acquisition, public proprietary partnership, restructure, enterprise systems integration, ecommerce.
  • E-commerce and web enabled commercial proposition modelling.  Ethnographic organization culture, and citizen or customer, client market assessment, business proposition validation and change strategy.



  • Human Resource Strategies and Management:  Succession Management, Human Capital and Talent Management, Work-Life Balance and Organization Design.
  • Function Design – including needs analysis, role specification and business function, OH&S, Union and Industrial Relations Mediation.
  • Business Process design, mapping and re-engineering.
  • Recruitment – profiling, psychometric assessment, Job and Work analysis, competencies and capability modelling, performance and personnel strategies and reviews.
  • Learning, Training and Development.  Training needs analysis, instructional design, and management of learning functions; knowledge management, and job capacity assessment and role evaluations.
  • Workshops and culture change initiatives.  Cognition and behavioural science – organization resilience and adaptive change, complexity and threshold change.  Management and staff workshops and personnel development initiatives for adaptive sustainable change culture, transformation and personal performance and development.
  • Management and staff induction and assimilation of change initiatives.
  • Review and management applications for human resource management, resource planning, human capital and information management.
  • Communications Change Management Strategies and delivery – including integrated solutions of intranet, extranet and web, public relations and stakeholder dissemination, press and media as required.
  • Generic organization change strategy and transformation management.



  • Management of Change Management and Project Teams for the restructure and delivery of transformation programs – including systems implementation and adoption. Includes ERP and ICT, Systems, and People, Process, Tools.
  • Stakeholder engagement and relationship management, including effective communication strategy.
  • Provide advice, coach lead and/or mentor support Project Managers and teams in implementation and other project phases for change transformation in accordance with project reporting structure.
  • Development and delivery of change management plans, process engineering, communications training and end-user or culture adoption and operations.
  • Risk and issues assessment, reporting and mitigation including escalation of risks and issues as appropriate to the Business, Project and Program Steering Group
  • Provide feedback on changes required and defect management.
  • Manage, co-ordinate and monitor users issues and enquires from key stakeholders.
  • Prepare ad hoc documents including process diagrams, current state and future state reports, business ready and post implementation reports with a focus on change and benefits.
  • Provide advice to, and participate in, management and board meetings, focus groups, working parties, change management and steering committees etc.
  • Work with project team on change and transformation activities.
  • Understand the existing and planned performance improvement programs and work to integrate these programs into the project plan and tasks.
  •  Lead gap analysis and change management activities including job impact analysis and policy/procedure analysis.
  • Support business case development and on-going benefits measurement.  Serve as the subject matter expert on organisational change. Work with Steering group to ensure transformation plan and training for user adoption is responsive to the various learning needs and styles of organization management.
  • Operations Management – Manage State and Organisation ICT or Organisation, Consultative or Legislative Restructure, transformation environments.  Provide Operations Management Support, Logistics, Community and Business as Usual.



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