Why a Peace Centre Model?

20/03/2011 02:10

This model and network does not replace existing networks that align with similar goals and objectives.  Instead it integrates where there is advantage to community. The major feature of this life mission is that it works with individual choice in establishing the learning exchange and sustainable knowledge community. The power in this peace model is that is proposes an alternative ‘way’ – a sustainable business that funds sustainable and blue print knowledge communities – not only physically in the world – they are further accessible through a replicating virtual web model.  


The development of a peace framework has comprised an evaluation and engineering of requirements for peaceful or harmonic equilibrium in society.  Yet intrinsic to achievement of this harmony is to repair the global deficit of Sacred Feminine. This deficit has resulted in modern society evolving with severe imbalance.  The disastrous results we experience with increasing momentum today from environmental and human destruction.


Blue Print Cultures are those Indigenous and societal groups and communities who perceive the benefits of sustainable living in harmony with Nature.  This is living under Mother Earth Goddess.  Recognizing the need for consideration of all life while conducting our own daily activities may sound a fairly obvious statement for many. Yet it is well recognized by leading academics, political consultants and other experts that there has been and remains a deficit in feminist principles and application in global governance. It is also known that at the heart of human rights injustices around the world are crimes against humanity that predominantly target women and minority Matriarchal tribal societies. It is also glaringly obvious that all of our currently recognized Patriarchal religions have either removed or do not acknowledge the presence of Goddess and Sacred Feminine – despite Matriarchal existence being the seed of all religions. She has become the invisible, or the dove, or the daughter who submits covertly in the shadows of the back room.  Alternatively, she is a crazy hippy or nymphomaniac suitable for sex worship only.


Even in today’s society, feminism reaches success and women receive recognition through achievement in Patriarchal systemic models – and not through the way of Nature. In business, women frequently report hiding or abandoning feminine traits. ‘Being emotional’ is often an excuse for discrimination by others as not fitting in with patriarchal norms of behaviour. This does not help correct an overall imbalance to the system resulting in destruction to the planet and our means to life.


From these and similar observations it becomes easy to establish that the issue is more than a global governance deficit of feminism.  It is a whole of society subversion that then causes our contemporary species to degrade and devalue the power and knowledge of Matriarchal cultural truth – that which has survived even the most oppressive domination throughout this Patriarchal age.


The issue is that due to many generations of subversion, oppression and global negative reinforcement – generations of society now believe that much of Indigenous and Matriarchal culture is fantasy, mythical story telling or shamanic drug tripping. Yet today scientists are finally beginning to make the same statements and derive the same knowledge – only using a technical language. The common mistake is that if knowledge is ancestrally passed through symbolic journeys, it has little basis in fact. The truth is that our Patriarchal society has first refused and second, failed to interpret the practical meanings or rationale behind Nature knowledge. It is only on the brink of destruction that man now has to deal with this limited use of intellect.  Matriarchal knowledge was never discounted by early civilizations.  It was purely eradicated, and any remaining understanding distorted for political control. There is no reason to ridicule this knowledge now, simply because of the injustice and atrocities that were inflicted upon the declining post-flood cultures to supress Sacred Feminine.


To design and develop a peace solution framework that encompasses holistic perspective, it was necessary for Vivienne to build and analyse a stakeholder relationship model outside the current systemic view. The progression of this was wrought with difficulties in working through the multi-dimensional cross fertilization of international societies when one is independent. The contrast to this was that independence enabled deeper explanatory and grass roots understanding of the intricacies that cause current systemic failures.  Independence brought cultural knowledge and systemic difficulty through not being recognized and the resultant competitive opposition and lack of support to the work being carried.  Yet this anomaly is not uncommonly found amongst those who seek to extend accepted bounds of method, practice and accepted belief to create new context and dimension in knowledge.


In summary the rationale to design and develop an international peace framework where many networks already exist, is to compensate gobal sacred feminine deficit with the hope such a model may also build conscious awareness and raise value of the feminine aspects of life. These currently do not reside comfortably within our systemic societal models and drivers. Yet to continue to exclude Goddess will surely result in the extinction of much if not all of our plantetary life.


The rationale for creating a global infrastructure supported by a sustainable web commerce venture was not to 'take over the world' as some might and have suggested. In order to have true sustainability our society requires to face the facts of our imminent future. Our current society is in global economic crisis. Our first world systems of care already burden the load of tax payers' contributions. This is only going to rapidly increase to the extent that calamity and hardship can deliver to humans in this momentous period of change. Economic capitalism in its current form is a finite process. Already we exploit the last of the cheaper labour, materials and natural resources markets. As capitalism continues to seek profit, even the current third world wave of human workforce will be replaced with technology - in the same manner that has occurred in first world. The result is death to the SME sector and death to the community at grass roots level.


A PEACE centre model on its own might help with preservation, survival and resilient recovery and rebuilding. Only for as long as the current finite system is able to support it. This PEACE framework must be completely holistic and an example to sustainable regeneration in business is necessary. This is to keep the harmonic balance of current economic trade and living practices at the three tiers of society - in the village, in the nation or territory and across borders in globalization. The uniqueness and power of the Sacred Feminine lies in the PEACE Centre network and community activities being funded, supported and regenerated by local and virtual activities of Conscious Flow Club - simply by people participating in daily living.