The Perigee Moon - Vivienne Tobassa Eggers

19/03/2011 15:28

Today's full moon of 19th March 2011 is the largest super moon in 18 years.  The moon affects the gravitational pull of the oceans and all waters of life.  Beneath Earth's crust is more water than all oceans, streams, lakes and rivers on her surface. 


Humans, in fact all life is comprised of the waters and as such we are also impacted when a super moon increases gravitational pull.


In the time of the Ancients the moon was a little closer to our atmosphere and the supermoon affect was 'normal'.  How did our ancestors and how might we best use this energy?


Where science and metaphysics come together with cultural practice and spiritual knowing is that the full phase of the moon is about 'magnetic energy'.  On all levels of our being we perceive the power of magnets to draw and repel.  We also witness how mutable water is. The pull of the tides and oceans we see - is within us as well. Whether we do so through prayer or scientific application we know that we can have a positive attraction or negative repelling in the use of magnets.


The ancient spiritual knowledge keepers to this day have worked with this giant magnet in the sky to manifest sensitive living practices.  We draw down from the ethers the power of the positive to create the change we desire.  We keep this balance through grounding the negative from the souls of our feet - asking Mother Earth to take into her moist soils below to purify and regenerate into something harmonious in Nature.


We have always known or sensed the POWER of the moon and influence upon our lives.  We gather at full moon to increase the swell of positive energy.  We celebrate festive occasions and keep the same positive energy and lightness in our thoughts and in our bodies.  We prepare in the days leading up to the full by cleansing our bodies, our auras and our emotions of negativity.  We bathe in the waters of life and ask in these healing rituals for Mother to take our negative thoughts and their destructive manifestation from our minds, our body, our soul and our lives.  We clean out our cupboards and our energy so that we may replenish and refuel with abundance that supports us. 


If we believe it to be so - we can manifest peace, harmony, wellbeing, joy, love, prosperity, balance.  Any desire that becomes thought is capable of forming in the material world.  So why waste thoughts on negativity and fear?  If we spend time focussing on our past and that which didn't serve us, that which hurt us, that which caused us anger and contempt - we create a negative field and a negative magnet.  The more we dwell the more these can grow into physical negative events and illness, destructive relationships even.  If we cleanse and purify ourselves we can achieve a right to life in highest accord and living.


Yes, we must be practical.  Negative thoughts are a fear response to survival.  Yet this is survival only of the human form - just one small life.  Beyond that tiny dream we are an ocean swell, a conscious mass soul that remains living - immortal.  That collective soul is also part of our governing organism Gaia and She too requires to balance, to cleanse. The cycles of life within her atmosphere are dependent on her wellbeing to exist. Scientists have recently rediscovered this well known and arcane spiritual knowledge.  We humans impact the wellbeing of our planet we inhabit by living here.  Lets think about that and make it as pleasant as possible, instead of thinking of just one small life of POWER that isn't really power at all.  It is the childhood bully syndrome that never grew up.  Humans don't really 'grow up' emotionally.  They just apply their learning in different contexts - unless they learn and let go of a lesson. 


Earth will continue to have 'natural' disasters.  These are more frequent and have more impact on our planet because of us.  How many people would sit still and allow parasites to slowly destroy them without taking steps to heal and return balance.  We must respect that we are just a small part of a greater organism and our overall wellbeing depends on her vitality.  Being positive does not mean leaving the 'fight or flight' adrenalin urges completely behind.  In fact it means becoming more sensitive to Earth's cycles and activities - so that we may react and respond to re-balance when She does make self correction and change in her own life cycle.  The more positive energy we feed back to her instead of fear - the more she can do this without destruction.  The more we are sensitive to Earth the less we are impacted or the more resilient we are to natural disaster - something scientists can agree with a practical analysis.


As individuals we must seek to heal negativity and live in the power of postive.  Giving 'loving thoughts' in our minds to every negative thought or emotion we feel will do this.  Yet if we use a positive thought to mask over a negative belief - we are really acting out of anger.  Anger comes from the body of negative - the body of fear.  We confuse 'rights' with 'deserve' and our societies are based from childhood on the bully, the victim and the bystander.  These play out into adulthood to varying degrees.  Extreme extent can even be atrocities and acts of genocide.  Mild events can be jealous envy and competitiveness that destroys people in our community. 


If we strive for POWER at the expense of others and know we are doing so - we are ignoring the fact that we are truly one giant organism - our whole creation is affected by our actions.  What point is it to be on top when the top destroys our homes, our friends, our society and our planet?  We become on top of a hell we have created through negative thoughts manifest and a belief that we lack POWER so we need to hold it - hold it over others through dominance.  This is simply not sustainable to anyone or our environment.  Recognize power for what it is - sexual urge and drive to be secure in a mate and in the world.  We can all have this without the negative behaviours and destruction.  All the rest is a fantasy we have created from our sick egos as a way to be more attractive, more successful, more secure because under all that stress and striving is a deep fear and sense of POWERLESSNESS.  True, the testerone of male urge is a natural projection of agression.  Yet how beneficial to put this energy into creating positive relationships and activities in society.  How much more fulfilling for women to let go of their jealous subterfuge and insecurity by honouring their own unique inner beauty and sisterhood.


We must take care of our thoughts.  Use the waning moon as a time of cleansing and purification.  Use the new moon as a time of planting beautiful creative thoughts that we have considered with balance in creation.  Use the waxing moon to build the momentum and the full moon to celebrate the climax of a cycle - to draw down what we desire in our hearts, know to be pure and know to for highest good.


With all that positivity reflected in that giant magnetic perigee moon - how could we ever create a life that is negative for anyone or any part of our planet?


This should be our target - our drivers and goals should aim toward sustainable living in harmony with Mother Earth.  So we might all live in peace.


After your bathing, this evening think about what you wish in your life - from your heart - what will be best for you in harmony with all others and ask for it using that being magnet.  Then believe it is so - it is already here for you.  All you truly desire is love through security, comfort, peace and happiness, good health and success.  The rest is all negative and doesn't serve our mutual life we share.  Now that you know you have it.  It is your right without a feeling of deserving or self worth - sing or play and listen to uplifting songs of praise for life.  Go out and celebrate that you have it and you are it.  Life.


'The children of the waters of life are the POWER'.  Celebrate life in the fullness of the moon.  Every day is your own - it is your right.  Happy Full Moon.


Article by Vivienne Tobassa Eggers
Goddess, Sumer Tara Blue Lotus

Vivienne is the author of a forthcoming book 'Sacred Songs from Silence'' an autobiographical narrative of Sacred Feminine and the Way of the Waters of Life - the Way of Mu.