Objects of the PEACE Centre Foundation

28/03/2011 02:41

The PEACE Centre Network is supported through Charitable Foundation - The Buffalo Song Foundation (Conscious Flow Life) and other philanthropy interests.



To empower communities to re-build self-esteem and self reliance, preserve existing culture, educate and integrate technology in sustainable, environmental and arts learning and expression.



The mission of the Buffalo Song Foundation is to assist the preservation, education of Arts, Culture environment internationally and provide sustainable environmental education and information –primarily at grass roots level, with emphasis on disadvantaged and youth in communities. 


Through the formation of a small number of Arts Cultural Exchange Centres the Buffalo Song Foundation and aligning charitable partners will provide an international infrastructure that facilitates the administration of Buffalo Song Foundation and any aligning charities involved.

To fulfill the mission, the Buffalo Song Foundation proposes the following objects:


Object One:


Fund and assist the funding of establishment administration and operation of Cultural Exchange Centres that:

  • Provide community meeting points for  local and international cultural exchange. Conference and event centre.
  • Education and development of sustainable and eco living practices
  • Health awareness support and social community information - including accessible alternatives to unaffordable medicines
  • Provide technology, tools and communications
  • Sustainable business development information, education and support
  • Foster relationships and partnerships with industry, academic partner programmes, governance and relevant stakeholders
  • Music, media and craft education, exhibition and dissemination
  • Support and oversee production activities by participating village communities
  • Provide workshops, exhibitions, learning facilities and opportunities; scholarships to special needs groups, youth and disadvantaged.
  • Wellbeing and personal empowerment healing spa and programmes
  • Impart and build resilience through reconciliation support, knowledge transfer of rights assertion and personal esteem societal values
  • Provide disaster recovery and survivorship skills training and adoption


Object Two:


Fund and assist the funding of research and development and preservation of

  • Cultural crafts, practices, such as traditional weaving textiles, instrument making, quilling, etc.
  • Environmental balance, sustainable practices and eco tourism ventures, and related technologies.
  • Promotion and awareness building of cultural group performances and exhibitions internationally through events promotion and management; film, music, productions and exhibitions that raise awareness and donor funding.
  • Ecology research and heritage preservation ventures
  • Health care and medical practitioner accessibility
  • Human, social and economic rights of individuals, minority rights and cultural inter-dependency.


Object Three:


Fund and assist the funding and support of community grass-roots ventures and education programmes.  Supporting and funding assistance to other legitimate charities that are involved in community grass roots programmes that alignment with this mission.