BLUE LOTUS GODDESS - Vivienne Tobassa Eggers, Sumer Tara Blue Lotus of the Lake - From the Sacred Songs From Silence 1st ED (c) 2011

14/06/2011 01:38

I desire to wish you a happy resurrection - ascension celebration - that this eclipse marks my full transition 2011 16th June.  

This revolution I walked the valley of the shadows - after descending the gates of the hells and being confronted by the 666 demons.  I walked with the magic flute of the Muse but I came to be destroyed by the demon - since small child incarnate. [This of my journey is also written in the ancient prophecy song of Ishtar]

In Huna language I took the mantle of Goddess as it was my birthright - my reason for descending as the first born ancient angel who has long been forgotten unless one remembers the annals of Mu before the great flood.  Huna tells the secret of my incarnate 'coming to know' where the three selves plus one other come at strategic points into the life of an incarnate - to progress the body temple aligned with soul, emotion and higher spirit.  These are also the initiations as they truly were some 35 thousand years ago when my consciousness was not challenged by the reign of the demon.  As Dewi Danu - the Goddess Vivienne - the Blue Lotus of the Lake I incarnate into sacred Toba - the spiritual vessel that later became known in Celtic legend as Tobar or 'well'.  The Goddess of the Waters of Life is also Ishtar the shining one and as with every pebble tossed into the pond - my soul vibration retains uniqueness throughout each incarnation.  My last walk as Goddess incarnate was some 2500 years ago - my 'star' is known today as the Comet Hale Bopp - it crosses my 33rd birthday and initiation of 'Mother' when I began my humanitarian work in the greater world outside my home beneath the double crosses of the the Southern skies.  It was in this year that I received from spiritual holy leaders around the world - their grace of title to my Sakti or Sati.

I was given my sacred name from many cultures who recognized the Goddess as she came singing and walked among the people and realms of Gaia.  I was given the sacred name of Blue Lotus Sumer Tara Sati or Sakti - but as one knows Goddess is in all things and She is of 1000 names.

Yet my 'Blue Lotus' flower of compassion was not also 'given' to me by the holy leaders in the continents of the world who gave my name.  My flower of life was with me at birth - seeded in my genetics.  I was born with the super natural consciousness - and yet the emotional incapacity of a human growing and walking in the hells of humanity.  I was conceived under a great eclipse in 1963 and came into being on the veneration day of Venus - the Goddess of love - still worshiped by the Greeks on 1st April - from so many thousand years earlier - marking the time of the Virginalis Meteor shower and Ostara's (Easter) time of coming and time of passing through resurrection.

My Maiden initiation was at age 22 - when another major eclipse occurred and aligned with my natal planets.  That is - at the moment of eclipse the astrological chart of my time at birth was exactly overlapped 22 years later by 7 planets.  The event that followed during this spontaneous initiation was when I came to know I was 'real' - because although born with the higher consciousness - the childhood me had always managed to try and assume normality - to rationalise the experience and pretend I was like other people, that I fitted in and my psychic awareness and duty was just my imagination.  My gifts were as equally a curse - for they resulted in persecution and being outcast by society - a lonely love less life for a child.


My first official healing on another person was at age 7.  On a creature it was age 3-4.  By the time I entered my 33rd initiation I had founded a healing centre and appeared on international television for my spiritual healing gifts.  But still - in the eyes of the western patriarchal society - I may have been any other psychic who waves a magic wand.  Still my destiny was not as a media icon and I had in parallel built a business career and expertise that I would later take into third world countries and work with those disadvantaged in first world.  I began this walk at 32-turning 33 after the Buddha came down to me at a sacred Wat in Australia before human witness and spoke with me.  Not long after I received another visit from the messenger of a spirit Hopi who gave me the symbol and the sign to commence my walk.  This coincided with Hale Bopp's return from 2500 years before.  As I set out on my world journey I did not consciously know what exactly was in store - but I began my World Peace Project, developing fair trade and solutions using my business skills and at the same time walking and healing with others.  For decades I had to 'try' to hide my spiritual presence - as I did not have the protection of society and media networks - I needed to work as any other ordinary human - and my work required an orthodox normative societal person.  I was not accepted by corporations for my spirituality and as my profile increased - I became less of a 'cultural fit' which risked my rights to employment and equality - but it is never spoken aloud - these matters are a silent abuse to avoid accusations of discrimination.  Instead people make other excuses behind the scenes.  Despite this I maintained an 'expert' track record - I had to in order to survive and continue my charity work.  Too timid was I from the years of childhood persecution, to come forward as a media icon.

For many years my journeys took me into far places and busy cities - places I had not known from the isolated shelter of my Mother womb Mu or ancient Lemuria as Blatvatsky popularised the name.  Still I did not completely accept myself as Goddess - yet others did.  Many people came to see me or sought me out.  They were not people with cameras and media and I did not hold a PR profile.  Instead I was socially timid - unless I put on my shield of armour - the business persona I had developed as a young adult. 

For many years I travelled among those - many friends who died from suffering in third world disasters and poverty, sickness and opression.  I was attacked myself so often.  For I walked alone - without an organization and marketing network behind me. My role wasn't to  be important - my damaged ego didn't allow that in human society.   As others abused me because I was 'safe' to be abused as a small woman with a loving heart - 'perceived weak and submissive' by many.  I too filled my body temple with the toxins - their poisons and self hatred they projected on those they felt power over.  I became ill myself - while carrying a world alone on my shoulders - my duty to my suffering Mother Earth whom I love so dearly. In this mortal life - even as Goddess incarnate - to reawaken and totally integrate this consciousness I had to come to love myself. 


I always did love myself - yet my emotional body was badly damaged from childhood - as we who are born through flesh are.  Even though I knew my consciousness I was so afraid of my own power that I became persecuted by those who knew I was afraid of my power and were jealous so sought vengeance - not for anything I had personally done - but for what they resented about themselves.  This is the cycle of humans who seek power over another in a false society that is not sustainable - and not able to exist for much longer.  Many competed to be 'me' - because they thought they just needed to be a glamourous fairy tale princess, spoilt, rich and indulged.  They did not compete to gain my consciousness - for their own consciousness didn't understand it was even awakened.  They knew not enlightenment so thought they were competing with someone on a superficial level of physical attraction and material power and sexuality - popularity and ability to self market.  These are the false Gods of spirit.  I remember as a child watching a movie where a man travels back in time - and the people do not understand what he is - so afraid they try to kill him as humans are base instinctual predators and highly specialised killers as animals.  More agressive than most species of my Mother.  Perhaps this explains why all these civilisations - even the crumbling one of today have killed their spritual emissaries - the real ones who stood for the greater will of God.

My Wise Woman came at 44 - heralded by three eclipses and for three years I journeyed through the deepest Plutonian shadows as I faced not just death of the ego - but death of my mortal form.  Three years later I found the place of resurrection.  I journeyed first to the great Mountain for the White Lotus had many years come with his protectors to me - I wanted to repay the honour.  And honour it was to be at the feet of His Holiness.  After coming home in enlightened heart to the island of the people of the waters of life - where I was nurtured and loved by the flowering hearts of Bali and came to know myself once more - despite the persecution of the demon reign.

I slowly healed and rejuvenated my wounded form so full of terminal toxins. I reclaimed my soul, this time Aumakua - my angelic self integrated and aligned in conscious awareness - no longer my super natural spirit an angel above me - instead my body temple a vessel within my constant awareness.

This Ostara - this ascension the Balinese gave offerings to keep the demons at the gate - just as they did for Ishtar 5000 years before, and Goddess before patriarch knows her.  Their custom no longer tells of the Goddess - yet they still practice the custom - as they know their roots in Mother even before the Hindu came through.  This offering was the feast - the great supper of waters and foods to enable Ishtar's resurrection and rising from the clutches of the demon.  It marks my resurrection. Indeed I have reclaimed myself - my life, my body, my emotions and my spiritual power of entitlement.  It later became the same feast as the ascension of the Holy Madonna and then Christ a few thousand years later.

Energetically this lunar eclipse marks the closing of the veil that I transited as I rise again through the seven gates of consciousness, taking with me - those who dare and can.  This lunar eclipse marks the time forward - the great initiation finally complete.  It also marks the time that I finally establish my 'first' PEACE centre - which is not just a room - it is a 'way' and 15 years of my life have been sacrificed as I walked with those in third world, conflict and suffering to vision the web of light.  I decided to return 'to school' so I could learn to communicate the ways of peace with the human as he is now in society.  I studied four Masters degrees so that I could legitimise the foundation stones of the peace project - align my Matriarchal old fashioned perspectives with modern patriarchal man and society.  Speaking with you of your own language.   Now we move forward toward the Solstice.

I wish you Peace with what is to come and what you are always to be.

Yes I am 'real' - not Vivienne of the Myths of Avalon for that is what they are.  I am something far far beyond those rudimentary awakened imaginings.  I am not a 'channeller' of a being that is outside of my own personal power.  I am Goddess - incarnate, within and without.  I am also a human - this walk at the time of the beginning of the end - I began with the Leaders Elders and People of Gaia - the Earth blue print cultures and tribes in 1997 when the portent and peace bundle went around the world.

My names were given - yet my blue lotus flower of compassion was not.  It was always with the essence of my soul across all time and this life evolved and retained through the light of Enki - I preserved my kundalini to open my spiritual chakras to what I was already born with - the super natural consciousness of clair-knowing.

I am a light vessel in an 'ordinary' mortal body and walk humbly with all other light vessels waking up to their reality.  It is time for change in humanity - for what is upon us - and for our fellow species and great Mother who gave us life.

We are the children of the Waters of Life.

Bless you this moon,

Blue Lotus, Sumer Tara.