Conscious Flow Life

We are a creative MUSE agency comprising professional and creative experts. We are advertising and marketing service providers; PR, literary and communication consultants who hold expertise in web commerce technology solutions and business strategy via our service platform.

Bali and International Talent Bureau of Professional, Celebrity, Lifestyle, Inspirational Speakers, Coaches, Trainers

Actors, Comedians, Musicians, Producers, Directors, Sports Stars & Motivators, Health & Life Balance, Authors; Corporate, Spiritual, Empowerment Speakers and more.


Business, Cultural and Event Services

Our agency pool is multi-talented and multi-faceted as many people of today.  We cover broad areas of life and beyond.  We also have people who are specialized with niche specific knowledge.

Our creative people are international, and offer holistic services in:

  • Arts, Creative and Design
  • Business 
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Spiritual and Transformation
  • Causes and Philanthropy
  • Events & PR

Our motive in forming this representation is preservation of Earth, her inhabitants, and future generations so that we might practice our respective business and living pursuits in the manner that we ourselves desire to live - WORK LIFE BALANCE in harmony - SUSTAINABILITY.


Our Core Service Platform is the Conscious Flow Club - Magazine, Webzine and Broadcast zone that provides a creative, sustainability knowledge community and ecommerce product portal.  This combined local and international zone funds and facilitates philanthropic, cause related giving and investment into community worthwhile projects.  An International PEACE Centre Network lights up Blue Print Cultures around the world in sustainable Preservation, Education, Arts, Culture, Environment


Our agency services model extends into freelance consultant provision of individuals and teams who can directly assist business and personal needs in the traditional functions of business, design and merchandising.  


We are happy to help you solve your needs in life.  We choose and request to do this ethically, accountably and in sustainable harmony with our planet.


Conscious Flow Talent & Relationships Networks

Event Facilities 
Venues and Operators,
Event Services
Event Speakers and Entertainment
Event Support Resources



We have graphic designers, writers, publicists, animators, visual artists, traditional artists, craft artesans, designers of all categories of home and living, photographers, movie makers, musical artists, Zen Art practitioners,  If you can think of it - we can source or provide you with an arts, culture, design expression and experience.



We have cause, NGO and philanthropy oriented people with a strong representation in Peace, Human Rights Advocacy and Sustainable Development.



For Mind, Body and Spirit we have network for all you may seek. Traditional or New Age, self help, motivational, empowerment, nutrition and all range of body, transpersonal, spiritual and enlightenment practice and learning. Also we have corporate facilitators who can tailor to HR and Management training or Work LIfe Balance employee retention programmes. For those on a personal path of discovery or reconnection, we have a network of international Religious and Indigenous knowledge. We connect the Way of Spirit - the Way of the Waters of Life into the Way of Living.


From management consulting of strategy, corporate governance, legal, change and organization design - our advisory continues into all specific functions horizontally and vertically into business sectors (small, medium enterprises and large corporations) as well as government, international relations and academic or alternate trainers and educators.  We cover all industry sectors and work by locality or trans border according to requirements. Whatever the need - we are sure to have expertise that can fulfill the requirement.



Includes Architecture and Project Management, Sustainable business management and design, ethno-botanicals and Change Management in line with sustainable global footprint and ecology preservation awareness education and practice.  Sciences, Engineering, Practical, Alternative and Management.



We will research and validate the concept or proposition.  We will develop strategy, plan, market, promote, communicate, organize, manage, advertise, engage sponsors, build, sell, review, facilitate and film your event or new project, product innovation.

Topic: Consciousflowlife - The WAY - Our Pebble In the Pond

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