Date: 18/03/2011

By: Vivienne

Subject: Start UP

Hi, So we have some internationally located people to leap into our pending project/s and join our club of consciously inspired people getting ready to drop our pebble in the cosmic pond of life and then reverberate that central pilot or prototype out into the rest of the world.

We also have a 'team' forming in SE Asia and in particular Bali as we prepare the 'way' forward - so the way will be clear and free of obstacles to our success.

The team comprises creatives, business people, prospective partners, investors and sponsors in the Agency and the project itself - the sustainable web and publishing profitability business model and/or the philanthropy activities and PEACE centre network our profits will fund or support.

It's a super full moon rising above Bali as I write this - great for magnifying the waters of Life. We've set up this web page so that we can all communicate with each other and/or register interest in joining or working together in the future. Anyone can join us with genuine intent and interest - you don't have to be invited. If you are requesting immediate involvement we should be approached through and please place in the subject line 'Inquiry re: Conscious Flow'.

Since we are all mobile and international at present - we can use this site as a focal point for interaction as which currently has only test prototype - goes off air and into development. I'll try and set up this site with different areas so if people are only interested in one aspect of involvement - they can concentrate under relevant heading.

For those in the operations start up and overall planning - investment activities - we won't be publishing any business documents publicly - despite intending to run our creative cooperative freelance agency completely transparency. Obviously with an October 'kick-off' desired for Bali we are aware of sensitivity of what we do as we prepare. We will organize these types of docs to be listed and accessed on an 'as needs' basis through direct means or password protected repository.

Here's our forum noticeboard for general announcements, news and messages.

Best wishes

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